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Wherever You Need To Be This Holiday Season, We Can Help You Travel Safely And Responsibly

In any other year, it’s around this time that millions of people are making plans to see family and friends. Flights are booked, bags are packed, people in layers of clothing and comically large overcoats try to struggle through airport security, and there’s a happiness welling up at the thought of seeing your loved ones’ smiling faces again. But, as we all know, 2020 has been unlike any other year in living memory.

For that reason, many people are using the holiday season as a rare chance to see their loved ones. Many others (your author included) are, regrettably, finding that it’s looking unlikely. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing I love more than a walk in the brisk, sunny cold of the hills near my parents’ house, watching a game of local football followed by a pint or two in an ancient pub, before toddling home to watch TV and eat all the food, but this year, for me at least, sadly it might not be possible.

However, each situation is different, so at, you can book your flights at the most affordable price. Wherever you need to be this Christmas, we have ways to get you there.

Responsible Travel Is Everything


The most important thing about travel throughout 2020 has been the need to do it responsibly. We’re not saying don’t travel, but the pandemic is still going on and it’s vital that you’re fully prepared, and aware of any rules and regulations in place.

If you make the decision to travel, please be responsible towards yourself, other travelers, and the people you’re going to visit. Wear your face mask at all times. Take cleansing gel and/or wipes, make use of what’s provided for you at the airport or station, and maintain social distancing. Check what paperwork you need and the health requirements of any countries you’re passing through. Stay on top of government guidelines and advice, and don’t break any rules just for the sake of it.

When searching on, you can now opt to filter out countries you think might be difficult or inconvenient for you to travel through. We can also keep you informed of any new routes that open up through our Availability Alert feature.

Flexible Booking, Hundreds Of Routes, Affordable Prices

If you need to save money (as many of us do at the moment), can sort your options to find you the absolute cheapest routes available. You can travel knowing that you won’t get a better price anywhere, so no more clicking between tabs and playing with filters on different sites to find the right deal, is a one-stop-shop.

Regardless of how or when you plan to travel this holiday season, makes it easy to choose the right option for how you want to do it. Choose your mode of transport, customize every aspect of your trip using our wide range of filters, choose a fare type to give you peace of mind, and book it all — every leg across all carriers — in a single click, for one single price.


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Happy Holidays

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