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8 Reasons To Escape To Aljezur


ljezur is 250 kilometers from Lisbon, and one step from Algarve. It is a municipality with a lot to see and visit and, therefore, an excellent destination for a weekend getaway. If you are still not completely convinced about the charms of this municipality, prepare yourself as you are about to be surrendered.

With a long weekend at the door, Aljezur is the ideal destination for a few days of rest. a paradise with great food and a lot to see.

The municipality of Aljezur has a unique heritage, made up of churches and museums, but also of extraordinary beaches and delicious cuisine.

To get a more accurate idea of everything there is to discover and do in this enchanted place, take a look at the 8 good reasons we left you to go to Aljezur and enjoy all its charms.

castle of aljezur
aljezur beach

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8 Good Reasons To Go To Aljezur

The beaches of Aljezur are sought after almost all year

1. Village of Aljezur

This village was founded by the Arabs in the 10th century. Its urbanization has a Moorish-medieval design. Many of its houses still show an Arab influence, in mud and whitewashed buildings. During the Islamic presence, the village was known for its fish and seafood, marshes and fertile land, which explain the existence of a village of peasants and fishermen. Much of this past is still evident in the village and its characteristics.

Other places to visit:

  • Pinhal do Bordalete
  • Aldeia da Bordeira
  • Aldeia da Carrapateira
  • Portinho do Forno
  • Vila de Odeceixe
  • Portinho da Zimbreirinha

2. Museums

The Municipal Museum of Aljezur is located in the old building of the Municipality of Aljezur and has a vast collection, divided into three spaces: the Archaeological Center, the Ethnographic Center and the Islamic Room of the “Andalusian Legacy”.

Other museums and centers to visit:

  • Museu do Mar e da Terra da Carrapateira
  • Museu Arte Sacra Mons. Manuel Francisco Pardal
  • Casa-Museu Pintor José Cercas
  • Adega – Museu de Odeceixe
  • Museu Antoniano
  • Moinho de Odeceixe

3. Churches


The Igreja da Misericórdia has a Renaissance portal dating from 1577. Its interior has only a nave, pulpit, tribute with wooden chair, small triumphal arch and main altarpiece made of wood, enriched with decorations in Baroque carving for the transition to the rococo. After the 1755 earthquake, this church was rebuilt, undergoing interventions during the 18th and 19th centuries.
In addition to the revered rock images – Nossa Senhora da Soledade, Santa Isabel and Santa Maria Madalena – there are cult implements such as a silver chalice with paten and two damask chasuble vestments, from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Other churches to visit:

  • Igreja Paroquial de Carrapateira
  • Igreja Paroquial de Bordeira
  • Igreja Paroquial de Odeceixe
  • Igreja Matriz de Nossa Senhora da Alva

4. Fountain of Lies

This is an interesting place to visit, not only for its archaeological and historical value, but also for the various legends associated with this place. One of these tales says that there is an underground passage that connects the fountain to the castle and there, when the town was conquered, a beautiful Moorish woman in love with a Christian would have hidden.

Other monuments to visit:

  • Fortaleza e Igreja da Carrapateira
  • Fortaleza da Arrifana
  • Castelo de Aljezur

5. Archaeological Heritage

The Vale da Telha Necropolis corresponds to a funerary space from the Bronze Age (c. 1500-1300 / 1200 B.C.). It consists of 18 graves, in funerary chambers lined with slabs, of the cist type, covered by tumuli, with variable dimensions, of stones and earth. The plants exhibit rectangular, oval or circular shapes.

Other archaeological:

  • Povoado Islâmico de Pescadores
  • Silos da Barrada – Aljezur
  • Rîbat da Arrifana

6. Beaches

Odeceixe Beach was classified as one of the 7 Wonders – Beaches of Portugal and is at the northern end of the municipality of Aljezur. Thanks to its river beach, it is possible to take a bath in the sea and the river. Another characteristic is its towering cliffs of shale and gradevaques, typical of this region.

In addition to the beautiful scenery, its biodiversity and conditions for bird watching, such as the white stork, peregrine falcon or red-billed rook are magnificent. Here is the only Natural Park in the world, where it is possible to observe the storks that nest on the sea cliffs.

Other beaches to visit:

  • Praia do Canal
  • Praia da Carriagem
  • Praia da Samoqueira e da Barradinha
  • Praia das Adegas
  • Praia da Bordeira
  • Praia de Vale dos Homens
  • Praia do Amado
  • Praia de Vale Figueiras
  • Praia da Amoreira
  • Praia de Monte Clérigo
  • Praia da Arrifana

7. Festivities

Religious, popular festivals, festivals, fairs or markets mark Aljezur’s cultural agenda throughout the year. However, it is in the summer months that the offer is greatest and most diversified. Now, write it down in the calendar.

  • Feira da Terra (July and August);
  • Largoanimado (summer months);
  • Festa dos Pescadores da Arrifana (in the last weekend of July);
  • Comemorações do Feriado Municipal (August 29);
  • Festa de Nossa Senhora d’Alva (August 29);
  • Festa de Nossa Senhora da Piedade (15th of August);
  • Festas da Carrapateira (August);
  • Feira de Aljezur (last Sunday in September)

8. Gastronomy

The cuisine of Aljezur is rich and diverse. In these lands, be sure to try fish (sea bream, sea bream, sea bass) and seafood (hedgehogs, limpets, mussels and barnacles), game (rabbit and wild boar), local products (sweet potatoes and beans) and the foods of death -of pork.

In the field of sweets, you should try the pastries, the cake, the sweet potato pudding and the fried ones, covered with sugar syrup or honey.

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